Mage the Ascension

Session 1: An Introduction.

The Players were gathered from their lives to meet in Melbourne City

Michael d'Albon was approached at West Melbourne Station and given a key to a Safe-Deposit Box at the Bank on the corner of King and Little Collins Streets. Inside the box was an envelope of some age with instructions to contact some others in Melbourne and to meet at the Melbourne Library.

Aurora Sinclair was at home relaxing with some Tarot readings when she got an email from Michael, whom she didn't know, to meet at the Corner of Lonsdale & Swanston Streets at 9pm that evening. Given the randomness of the request she considered it Spam and put it out of her head.  At least she tried to but the readings were skewed from them onward so she gave the note another read, and decided to at least go and have a look.

Dr. Fernando Beck was at his home with his "friends" when he heard a tapping coming from his kitchen.  At the window was a large Raven (or a Crow he wasn't sure), in the end the important aspect was that it was really Brigid Maol-Belisama, who had a message that he was to be contacted shortly by a member of the CC as it looked the there might be a re-activation of the Hermetic Chantry in Melbourne. While they were conversing Michael called and organised to meet at 9pm that evening.

Paul Jones had no friends and was sitting alone on the roof of his abode when he received a message from an "associate".  He knew this meant he had to Log In so he went downstairs to find the message from this associate.  He found it amongst the mix of other messages and encryptions, and it too told Paul that a meeting was to happen shortly of some import and that he was to "play nicely" with his new friends, as we was considering the discomfort and riskiness of this request, like lurid crayon drawings spotlit in a darkened alleyway, Michael's messages came through, also to meet at 9pm.

Anthony Stark (not that one), was sitting in his home in tracksuit pants watching reality TV and thinking about how he could eke any more profit from the work he was doing, when he too got a call from Michael. Almost as though he was expecting it he agreed to meet Michael and the others at 9pm.

As the time of the meet approached, Paul set himself up in a perch across the street so he could see who these people were he was supposedly to meet, and assess if they could be trusted.  Aurora and Fernando already knew each other from before and were simply surprised that the other was there as well.  All bar Paul met up in the square as requested, but Michael spied him across the way and convinced him to come over.

After some dickering all were intrigued enough to come together and check out how they could access the Library at this time without unwanted attention.  It seems a key that Michael was provided with the letters to draw out the Cabal, fit the lock and allowed entry.

Inside the Reading Room, a number of the awakened could feel something present, but not close enough to reach. Their investigation led them eventually to an unobtrusive portal which when opened with the key Michael had, seemed to lead to an alternate Reading Room.

This was what remained of the Old Chantry, and had the merest trickle of a Quintessential Node, as well as some not insignificant warding. While there Paul received an indirect message from his associate suggesting that he should investigate a person who would be arriving at Melbourne Airport in the Morning, a Percival St-John, who was to guest Lecture at the University on Saturday. He and Aurora agreed to go and look at this individual to assess what they could in the morning.

The next morning at her Yoga class Aurora overheard and sensed something was wrong with one of her fellow students (Teresa Mancini), whose husband had been acting unusually.  Aurora made a time to chat with Teresa that afternoon around 4pm to look into this further.




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