Threat Board

This is the Whiteboard in the Sanctum.

Current Threats:

  1. Barabbas (Carlin Industries)

    • Spectre from the Underworld (Kharun)
    • 4 additional underworld entities (1 x killed??, 3 x Uncertain Swan Hill Connection?)
    • Threat Null Connection? or Technocrat.
  2. Technocracy Meddling in Melbourne

    • Men in Grey (Michael)
    • Career Meddling (Aurora)
  3. Vampires
  4. Flinders Street Station (Corrupted Lupines)
  5. Sewer Demon (Rag Man?)
  6. Lupines (Ricketts Sanctuary)
  7. Synchrotron Detonation (Weapon of Reality Destruction)

    • Where do they get the reality cubes?
  8. What to do with the Scroll? (If this is the Unity Sphere, everyone will want a piece).

Threat Board

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